Common Sense Approaches That Great Managers Use
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Common Sense Approaches That Great Managers Use

Through our Syla Promotions professional development programs, we strive to impart leadership wisdom to our associates. As we’ve discussed, the secrets to being a good manager generally lie in common sense practices. Here are three qualities that top leaders embrace:

  • It’s About People: Our Syla Promotions culture is based on putting people first. This applies to our associates and our customers alike. When we consider what matters to others, it allows us to develop programs that speak to their needs. This philosophy ensures that we are creating an atmosphere in which positive energy and good morale are the norm.
  • Keep Emotions in Check: A facet of leadership we stress is the need to maintain a high emotional intelligence. This means that we take a deep breath before we respond to any situations. By acting in a manner that is based on facts versus emotions, we make informed decisions that account for all stakeholders.
  • Have Fun: Two phrases that define Syla Promotions work environment are high energy and fun. Our team nights allow us to enjoy each other’s company and share laughs outside of our office setting. We also have friendly competitions and other activities that inspire us to surpass goals while building good working relationships.

We continually strive to instill the best leadership practices in our people and it shows in our reputation. Follow us on [Facebook] to see what we’re learning next.